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Finding a great service provider for you home nowadays proves to be a lot more work than the job you want taking care of in the first place.
It doesn’t matter if it is a plumber, a decorator or even a window cleaner. You have to call so many people sometimes just to get to that ‘one guy or gal’. Sometimes you get nowhere at all and then you are left feeling completely deflated.

You see ‘accountability’ and ‘transparency’ changes all of that. And that is what myWindowClean.com offers its customers.

Getting a fast quote online and booking in your clean in a flash is just the start. You can track our team to your door, you can see the profile of the team member at your property and you can star rate them after every clean.

You can call and speak to us 24/7 on the phone line or through our website chat service – one of our team will speak with you at anytime of the day, or night.

We cannot promise to fix your leaking toilet, or patch up that shady decorating you did last summer but we can make your house sparkle with window cleaning services I know will make your home stand out in your street.

myWindowClean.com provides a customer portal and free app for every customer and we credit your account with £10.00 for every referral you give us – its that simple.
You can share your referral code on Facebook with your friends too and claim £10.00 credit from each friend that signs up to a regular window cleaning service.

I bet you can get your window cleaning paid up for the whole year in credits!

Get an instant quote online in 30 seconds with online booking. Pick a day convenient to you. Click here for an instant quote.

All team members are fully vetted, DBS checked and employed directly by myWindowClean. We are not a franchise.

How do I pay?

All new customers sign up to the payment system called Stripe. When you are happy with your online quote and want to go ahead you will be directed to the payment system.

Click here and read how to get £10.00 credit added to your account as many times as you wish with our unique referral scheme that you can share with Facebook.

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