Gutter clearing service

Gutter clearing service

myWindowClean Local uses specially designed gutter vacs with 3000 watts of power to remove all the unwanted debris collecting in gutters. This helps to prevent water damage to your home from over flowing gutters or damage to the guttering itself.

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How often should you get your gutters cleared?

You can book a ‘one-off’ gutter clear out at anytime of the year. Leaves tend to fall from trees in the autumn around October but moss and debris from the roof area and severe weather can cause gutters to fill with rubbish all year round. A heavy rain pour usually gives away gutters needing urgent attention. We would recommend this service at least once per year.

Certification for insurance purposes.

Once your gutters have been cleared by myWindowClean we will provide a certification, dated and stating that maintenance clear out program was carried out at your home. Very useful in proving to the buildings insurance man that you actually do maintain you guttering.

What happens on the day of your clean?

Our system will automatically notify you and remind you of the service for the following morning. Notification can be set up for text, or email or through the free app we provide.
This will be to inform you just in case you need to make any arrangements regards access. A padlock on the back gate may need to be left open, for example?

On the day you will see a map in your customer account or on the free app that we provide. You will be able to track our team to your door. You will always know when we will arrive.

You can also see a picture profile and some information about the team member visiting you that day. All team members are fully vetted, DBS checked and employed directly by myWindowClean. We are not a franchise.

How do I pay?

All new customers sign up to the payment system called Stripe. When you are happy with the gutter clearing quote and want to go ahead you will be directed to the payment system.

After we clear your gutters, we tick the job as ‘completed’ in our scheduling system and your payment will be paid automatically by direct debit with in 5 days. You will receive a receipt via email for your records.
Read more about the auto payment system and Stripe here.

Star Rate us after cleaning.

After the job is completed we encourage you to Star Rate our team members. We reward our team for great work and we encourage them to really look after you and your home.
We also encourage you to tell us about the service you have received. You can do this by and leaving a comment after rating our stars. This can then be shared with Facebook and Google by you if you wish.
The more 5 star ratings that you apply to a team member the more we will reward them. Read more about Star Rating here.

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