Window cleaning

When your windows shine, your premises sparkle, everyone smiles when they see a building with gleaming windows. Your staff takes pride in their environment and your customers see you as a company that takes pride in its appearance.

Whether your premises is a school, retail outlet, large office, ten storey building, or beauty salon, we have the know-how to make your windows and frames shine.

For every job, we can provide details of our insurance, accreditation, and a bespoke RAMS pack. This will consist of all site information, risk assessments and method statements.

Through a combination of water-fed pole cleaning and traditional methods, either using powered access or rope access, there are no windows we can’t reach.

We’re also kind to your environment because we use Pure Water systems. No detergent means no residue. Therefore windows do not soil as quickly, staying cleaner longer.

•  Our team work safely from the ground where possible
•  We are experts in MEWP and rope access
•  Frames and glass are cleaned at the same time
•  We can offer the best cost effective cleaning solution
•  We cover large parts of the UK


Window cleaner
Pressure washing

Pressure washing

The outside of your premises is just as important as the inside. A clean and tidy environment not only gives your customers a positive first impression, but it also gives your employees a sense of pride in where they work.

However, environmental factors take their toll on external areas leaving behind organic build-up and dull surfaces.

To tackle this, Mywindowclean's pressure washing service helps you stay on top of all your external surfaces. Setting out an exterior washing program will help say goodbye to dirt, grime, graffiti, and that ever annoying presence of chewing gum.

Whether a car park, driveway, patio area, or external building services, our qualified operatives will leave your building looking its best all year round.

Gutter clearing

Gutters are hardly the most exciting part of your building but left unattended, and they can cause a multitude of problems.

The most obvious problem is the damage to the gutters themselves. A build-up of silt and other organic matter can lead to blockages and corrosion. Neither of which are pretty to look at. Then, if left, this can have a knock-on effect leading to damage to walls, roofs, windows, fascias, tiling, and even internal and external damp issues.

Far from being a winter issue, blocked and overflowing gutters can occur at any time of the year. Gutter maintenance should be considered at least once per year. We clear gutters using specially designed Gutter Vacs and carbon fibre tubing and attachments that allow us to work from the safety of the ground up to three storeys. Above this we would use powered access of which all of our staff are IPAF trained.


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